The book of the Illuminated Chronicle

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Hapák József - Veszprémy László - Wehli Tünde - The book of the Illuminated Chronicle

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The book of the Illuminated

The Illuminated Chronicle is a rich storehouse of medieval Hungarian history. It preserves the memory of our shared past and every nation would like to know something of its origin and its past. Besides, this is the most luxusiously decorated manuscript of all times in Hungary and one of the most richly illuminated chronicles of a nation in Europe. The whole medieval Hungarian history come alive in the stories depicted there.The Chronicon Pictum is the fundamental and as far as the Middle Ages are concerned determining source for the study of the history of not only several nations but several countries as well. The im portance of the Illuminated Chronicle is proven by the vastness of its literature. Experts not only disagree with one another but there are fundamental differences in the statements held by historians and art historians, or researchers dealing with the history of books and scholars studying the history of literature. This impressive album combines the most widev accepted views concerning the Chronicon Pictum in history and art history It is a tribute to the scholarly achievement of the authors of the Chronicle of the Hungarians through which Hungary found its place in world history and the world got to know the Hungarians.

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The book of the Illuminated Chronicle letöltés könyvet pdf, epub és mobi

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